Sexual Health Clinics for Vaginal Health


Vaginal health and vaginal issues are common for women with females of all ages having some troubles in at least some point of their lives. A large percentage of these women are not going to have desire/fortitude/cash flow necessary to see their doctor about it and so they suffer in silence, sex life and self esteem going merrily out the window. If this sounds like you, it may be time to start looking at other options for your sexual health and wellness and one of these may be a sexual health clinic.

What is a Sexual Health Clinic?

Sexual health clinics are free clinics found in many cities and towns. They are almost always run in conjunction with your municipal hospital and are intended to help people to deal with sexual issues. Sexual health clinics do things like provide sexual education, provide screening, pregnancy tests, some bloodwork for STDs and many diagnose vaginal problems like dryness and sexual dysfunction. They are completely anonymous and run by fully trained and qualified nurses and certified nursing aids. Many women prefer to go to sexual health clinics because they are run by people who are trained but aren’t close to the family or well known and because of the anonymity.

Benefits of a Sexual Health Clinic

There are plenty of benefits to sexual health clinics for women who would prefer not to see their doctor for intimate issues.

The obvious one is that you won’t be discussing your private issues with the doctor who last prescribed your birth control pills or antibiotics! Many women feel uncomfortable going to their doctor for vaginal health issues, even if that doctor has been with them for years. This is why many women have a gynaecologist who is completely separate. However, others just don’t have that opportunity and so require something that is step down, but still effective; in this case, sexual health clinics.

A less obvious one is cash. While some countries have free health care like Canada, America does not and going to see your doctor because of a foul odor or dry vagina is too expensive and just not worth the strain to many budgets. Sexual health clinics are free to visit and you often don’t require an appointment, so you can go in, get the help you want and get out without killing your bank account.

If you have been struggling with vaginal odor, vaginal dryness or any other sexual dysfunctions, but you’re too embarrassed to see your doctor or you don’t want to shell out money for it, you should see what your local sexual health clinic can do for you.