Interesting Sex Positions for Pregnant Women


It is almost a universal belief that once a woman gets pregnant, she should be set for a long term break from sex, but the will power in humans will always open us to endless possibilities. Some women also want to push themselves off this limit but the fear of the unknown holds them back.

In general, most women are confused about the position or effect of having sex with their husbands during pregnancy. Experiments have shown that there are excellent sexual positions for pregnant women who still want to sexually satisfy their husbands.

Although the level of libido usually declines in pregnant women, it is always good to have sex during pregnancy, as long as it is done rightly. There are many sexual techniques that couples can enjoy. However, only a few can be practiced by pregnant women.

There are excellent sexual positions for pregnant women who enjoy sex during pregnancy and also want to please their husbands:

  • Table Support: Woman should lie on their backs on a table with their legs twisted around the man’s waist. The man will stand in front of her to carry out his movements. This sexual position allows the man to stimulate the clitoris while performing his sexual penetration into the vagina. It’s a good style that can bring a pregnant woman to orgasm.

  • Pressure Style: The man can do it in a pressure style to avoid resting on his prominent belly. You need to rest on your hands or elbows so as not to press on the woman’s stomach. This style requires a lot of energy from the man. Your hands can narrow, which leads to a kind of disruption of your concentration on the sex. Besides, he will not be able to stimulate the pregnant woman during sex.

  • Cowgirl: The woman will feel well when she is up. It controls the penetration angle and the insertion depth. Achieving an orgasm depends greatly on your performance. It has been found that this position is one of the best for women. This technique of sex leads to a direct stimulation of the clitoris.

  • Doggy: The insertion of the penis into the vagina on the back is also good for pregnant women. The pregnant woman has to squat or be on all fours, the buttocks are raised to insert the penis. The penis grows mainly against the wall of the first three centimeters of the length of the vagina, which is the most sensitive area. In this case, the woman should stimulate the area of ​​the clitoris.

  • Side Entrance: Another preferred sexual position is that the woman sits between her husband’s thighs, placing her back to him, which prevents her belly from avoiding any contact with the man. You need to move your buttocks sideways or move it up and down on the inserted penis. This position allows easy and direct stimulation of her clitoris with one hand from the man, while the other one can be used to stroke her body and stroke her breasts. In fact, this is believed to be the best position for pregnant women.

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Caution: Watch out if you want to participate in oral sex. It is risky because air in the vagina can cause a complication called gas embolism. This refers to a condition in which blood vessels can be blocked by air bubbles, which endangers the life of the baby and the mother.

If pregnant women are not afraid, they would appreciate their sexuality better during pregnancy while waiting for the birth of a newborn.