Anorexia and Low Sex Drive in Women


The media has put a lot of pressure on women to be thin and skinny, leading to a thriving business in fast weight loss both online and off. The reason for this is simple: the media has put it into the heads of women that in order to be sexually desirable, they must be skinny! In reality though, the very opposite is true: men generally find healthy, curvy women to be more attractive and these women also have a higher sex drive to go with it. Anorexia is a libido buster for women. Why is this?

Hormone Death

Anorexic women are constantly starving themselves to stay thin and this knocks their hormones out of balance. The hormonal balances in the body are fragile and prolonged hunger and lack of nutrition will send them flying to pieces. Hormones like oestrogen and testosterone-the two hormones in female libido-drop when there is not enough nutrition in the body and that drives down sex drive. Anorexia also kills menstruation and shrinks the womb, often causing infertility. All of these factors also play into a drop in libido, making it harder for women to get aroused.

Lack of Energy

Without an adequate intake of vitamins, minerals and calories, women who are anorexic become lethargic, dizzy, get ill more easily and weak. It’s pretty hard to get aroused, let alone have sex, when you feel faint and dizzy all the time!

Skinny Women are Often Viewed as Unattractive

It’s the MEDIA which pushes the idea of super skinny women on the world-particularly in the modeling and movie industry. In reality, most men agree that healthy women are the most attractive. That’s not to say that slender women are ugly, but naturally slender bodies are far more attractive than ones that have been starved. If you think about it, there are some good reasons for this. The breasts and bum, two regions which cause sexual stimulation, are largely made up of fat. If you starve yourself, your body eats all that fat, causing those parts of the body to shrink away-ultimately to nearly nothing. Unfortunately, the ‘Barbie’ body doesn’t usually exist in the real world; if you’re skinny in the waist, you’ll probably be small in the chest too and after a certain point, most guys think of you as a very skinny boy, not a woman! This then feeds into the low self esteem that was already there and makes it hard to get aroused.

Anorexia Often Stems from Emotional Issues

Anorexia often stems from low self esteem, poor self image and depression; all of which also negatively impact libido. When you pile this on top of anorexia, you get a complete black hole of sexual desire from which it can be a long road to return.

The link between anorexia and low sex drive in women is fairly well understood, though that doesn’t stop many women from thinking that they have to be thin to be pretty. It’s important to strengthen your libido first by strengthening your self esteem and understand that a healthy woman is far more sexually pleasing than a skinny, underfed woman. Enjoy being who you are and if you need a bit of a libido boost, try a natural product like Germany sex drops to help push you over the edge! Be yourself and be sexy just by being who you are.