Depression and Female Libido


One of the factors which can impact female sex drive is her emotional well being; in fact, it’s a pretty big factor! When a woman is feeling cheerful and confident, her sex drive generally increases as well. When she is feeling stressed or depressed, sex drive will generally drop. Depression is particularly insidious; she will feel depressed, have a lower sex drive and then get more depressed because she feels bad about it! Furthermore, many antidepressants can also lower sex drive, compounding the problems between the sheets.
Depression is a very real thing and those who suffer from it should not be ashamed of themselves nor be made to feel ashamed. Instead, to start, many men with aching loins may find their needs better met if they take some time out to listen and comfort their wives or girlfriends. But this can also be pretty discouraging; living with someone who is depressed makes the non-depressed partner feel unwanted, unloved and even resentful or angry as the depressed person is sad for no apparent reason.

It’s unknown exactly how depression affects libido; likely, the effect is nothing specific since depression slows everything down. It could also partially be the fact that chemicals in the brain which would normally promote happiness and well being are being retarded and those also include the chemicals for arousal. Furthermore, many common antidepressants also suppress arousal because the hormones which control that are often still subdued during the rounds of medications (assuming the antidepressants don’t make a woman feel ill or even worse about herself).

It can be very hard to live with depression for both partners, but it can be overcome and having the sex return is one of the first early signs of it! One of the best ways to tackle depression is through counselling and sometimes couples counselling so that both people have a safe space to talk and to air out their feelings. Counselling has helped many women overcome their depression without the intervention of drugs which means that their sex life gets on track a little quicker. Using a natural libido enhancement like Germany sex drops may help too, particularly in the transition stage where you almost want to have sex again, but are having trouble getting over a final hurdle. The most important thing though is a sense of patience and support for both partners so that this period can be overcome and sex (as well as other activities) can be enjoyed again.
Depression is a hard thing for a  couple to go through, even when it’s only one partner. Mismanaged, it can lead to resentment, recurring periods of depression, anger, and even separation and divorce. Sexual relationships are important for most human couples because it reaffirms a bond and promotes feelings of wellness and when depression steps all over that too, the feelings of being apart grow even stronger. Depression must be correctly dealt with in order to minimize poor feelings all around and let the couple grow stronger (and get back to their sex life!) Good luck and stay healthy.