Tell Your Hubby These Things for Great Sex Time


Many men are physically attractive and beautiful. However, they do not know how to last longer in bed. They are unable to satisfy their partners, and these things lead to breakups. How to stay in bed longer is the big question that many men seek a solution for. They desperately want formulas that improve their sexual abilities. However, it is not easy to learn such formulas in a day or two.

Sexual dissatisfaction is one of the main reasons for the breakdown of the relationship. Learning to stay in bed longer and satisfy your partner would help improve and sustain your relationship.

These are some of the incredible steps that will help your hubby stay longer in bed:

  • Breath control: If you want to stay in bed longer, you need to control your breathing. Your inhalation is an important factor to increase your desire for sex. Try to feel your breath to adjust. First, you will find that your heart rate is very high. This can be due to emotions and tensions. In order to enjoy better sex, you should try to regulate your inhale and exhale. His deep, slow breathing would help him feel relaxed and comfortable. Breath control also slows down the upset and helps you last longer.

  • Sexual Positions: In order to stay in bed longer and to satisfy your partner, you have to take different sexual positions. The upper part of the penis is considered very sensitive. However, you can use a new technique and try to penetrate your penis deep into the vagina. By adjusting a suitable position to stimulate the G-Spot, your partner responds faster and improves the libido experience. Relax It is not a race. Consider the plot as a walk in which both are outside. You can stop in the middle, take a bite of your favorite dish and drink wine, then continue.

  • Eat Blueberries: Eating blueberries is good for increasing your resilience. If you want to improve your sexual power, you should add some berries to your daily diet. The study found that blueberries contain nutrients and vitamins. Many men do not know the nutritional value of blueberries. Eating a handful of blueberries every week is good for the reproductive system. You can also taste nuts, pistachios and grapes.

During sex, if you as a man notices you about to are ejaculate, stop and ask your partner to push the area under the scrotum and anus with one finger. Ask her to push hard. This should keep you from ejaculating.

  • Strengthen your muscles: To stay in bed longer, you need to strengthen your pelvic muscles. To do this, you need to do some abdominal exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor like abdominal muscles. The pelvic musculature is responsible for the flow of semen. By strengthening these muscles, you can control your ejaculation. This is another way to show you how to stay in bed longer.

To help you stay longer, try to focus more on your partner and pleasure rather than focusing on your own pleasure. If you follow the tips above, you will definitely have many benefits.

And you as the woman, get ready to have a massive, mind-blowing sexual experience the moment he starts these processes. To get yourself ready for that, you need to prepare with Germany Sex Drops, a libido enhancement supplement fit for your health ad sexual activeness.