Is penis size important? Fact or Fiction?


The size of the penis is a question that is still debated. While some men prefer to have it large or thick, others would like it to be thinner. To tell the truth, the attention of women has always been drawn by the penis size, mainly because they still wonder to what extent it influences sexual pleasure. So, what is fact and what fiction?
Saying that big penises cause more pleasure for women is fiction. However, it is true that a penis too small can fail to fully stimulate a woman. For example, a penis measuring less than 8 inches in erection is considered small. Likewise, a member too big is not always ideal and can even lead to pain and restricted styles of penetration instead of procuring pleasure. A penis measuring more than 20 inches is considered extremely big.
The way a man moves when penetrating a woman is much more significant than his penis size. Women will prefer a small penis in a playful man than a big penis in a man only able to move like a robot.
Further more, there may be some differences between the size of the flaccid penis and the size it gets in erection. In some cases, the size of a penis at rest can be multiplied by 4 when in erect, whereas in some others the penis barely grows; it just gets harder. Therefore, the real penis size can only be assessed during erection once its real and final volume is finally reached. Moreover, the vagina is 8 to 12 inches long; therefore it is not suitable for a big 22 cm penis, as sought after and shown in porn movies. Since the vagina is elastic and flexible, up to allow a baby’s head to pass through, it can perfectly adapt to any penis, whether its owner has a very small or a very large member.