How to assess the size of your penis


Regarding the size and shape of the penis, we can schematize the situation by sorting men into two wide categories. The first category includes men with a small and broad penis when at rest, however resilient enough to stretch and lengthen significantly when erect. The second category includes men, who have a long and sometimes impressive penis when at rest, but that doesn’t grow much upon erection; their penis just gets more rigid when erect. When naked in the shower, men of the first category may thing their penis is unusually short compared to men of the second group. Actually, despite their differences, both types of penises are perfectly normal.
The penis may look smaller because of obesity or extra thick pubic hair. Obese people’s penis tends to be inserted into the layers of fat in their pubic region. It is possible for them to change and improve the way their penis looks by losing weight and shaving excess pubic hair. Some very obese men don’t even have a chance to see their penis, which is hidden by their protruding belly.
It is important to make the difference between the size of a penis in erection and at rest when measuring it.
Great deals of men worry about the size of their penis at rest. They are afraid that someone seeing them naked in the shower finds them ridiculous, or with their intimate partners once undressed. The size of the penis at rest may vary significantly, ranging from 5cm up to 10cm. The size of the penis at rest is unrelated to its size in erection.
Penis length depends on factors inherent to anatomy like its possible insertion into adjacent tissues (most often, fat in the pubic region). The height and weight are not related to the length of the flaccid penis, and there are no relevant differences in age in the statistics.

The various studies, shuffled by measurement method and population type show that the average length, measured from the pubis where the penis meets the body to the urinary opening end is roughly as follows:
Unstretched, at rest: 8.8 inches long
Straight, in erection: 12.89 inches long.
Men seldom ask for a doctor’s advice about the size of their penis.