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Lack of Sex Drive(Lack of libido) is common in woman

The desire of love that’s results from an erotic stimulation leads to both emotional and physical reactions. When it comes to sexual desire, it occurs following an exchange of kisses, caresses all over the body and particularly directed to the genitals, or games. Sexual arousal often results from the attraction proven for your partner; a sensual smell or look may drive you crazy and lusty enough to crave for sexual. This awesome aphrodisiac are designed to increase your sexual desire and take it to the max. Look this video for more information >

What are the main reasons for sexual desire in females?

Just like it happens for males, the lack of libido in females may result from physical or psychological causes.

Causes of Physical origin

  • Anemia: a problem that many females encounter, usually resulting from the loss of iron during menstruation.
  • Soreness or discomfort during sexual intercourses (dyspareunia) or inability to reach orgasm (anorgasmia) may lead to a lack of libido.
  • Alcoholism or substance abuse, for instance the Spanish Fly.
  • Diabetes or other severe diseases.
  • Post-baby ‘coolness’, a term invented to describe the loss of sexuality drive that often occurs after a woman has given birth. It is almost certainly related to hormonal changes, but may also come from the important trauma caused by childbirth. Furthermore, many females feel too tired to focus on sex life when having a new born to take care of.
  • Prescribed medications, especially tranquilizers.
  • Hormonal imbalance in women, such as hyperprolactinemia that induces over activity of the pituitary gland, may be a cause too. Dr. Michael Nemec, a Swiss gynecologist states that abnormalities in the production of luteinizing hormone (LH) often results in low drive in females, and Dr. John Studd another major gynecologist from UK says that a lack of androgenic hormones may be also responsible for a low libido. The controversy still remains though.
  • Low self esteem. If a woman thinks she does not deserve to be loved, she often experiences a loss of libido. Past traumatic relationships: women having previously experienced one or more painful relationships will have less drive.
  • Anorexia or obesity: seriously underweight or over weight females may be affected by the frequent variations in hormones and lose interest.

Causes of Psychological origin

Mental and emotional issues play an important part in female sex drive. A woman won’t always feel like making love if dealing with emotional turmoil, such as:

  • Depression, which usually results in a total loss of libido.
  • Stress and too much work, which interfere with a healthy sexuality life.
  • Anxiety, a permanent condition that takes away sexual desire.
  • Childhood setbacks, including all the bad memories from childhood and teenage.
  • Past sexual abuse or rape that may induce bad memories.
  • Latent lesbianism, repressed homosexual females, especially because they pretend, may find it hard to have love with a man.
  • Complicated relationships, repetitive arguments with your partner obviously lead to a low desire.
  • Difficult material situations, such as a tiny place to live, or sharing a home with other family members.
  • Menopause: a lower drive is very common in menopausal females.

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