Why Do I Have an Itchy Vagina


Itchy vaginas are an extremely common occurrence for women and they stem from a variety of very common ailments. If you have an itchy vagina, there could be any number of very common reasons for the problem. Take a look at our most common itchy vagina causes and see if one of these could be the culprit.


Probably the #1 culprit for vaginal itching is the chemicals women put all over themselves every day. From shower gel to douching, from tampons to fabric softeners and contraceptives to cream, there are a myriad of chemicals which we place in our vaginas every day. Those chemicals disrupt the natural flora in the vagina and cause itching and dry skin. The vaginal walls are also highly sensitive and it’s all too easy to suffer an allergic reaction from the goop we use, often to prevent that very thing! When it comes to cleaning and deodorizing, the very best thing you can use is use warm water and gentle soap and nothing more.


Sadly, there is less you can do about the advancement of age. Menopause can contribute to vaginal itching because the hormone imbalance in the body decreases the production of lubrication in the body and that causes dryness and thus itching. There’s not a lot you can do about menopause, but you can alleviate symptoms by using products like Virgin Stick to gently stimulate lubrication production. You should also eat better, drink plenty of water and take care of your health!


Yeast is commonly found in vaginas; it’s a normal part of the body. However, if there is a yeast overgrowth, it can cause itching, pain, and infection. Yeast infections in fact are one of the most common infections to get and they are usually caused by chemicals, not cleaning up properly after sex and eating poorly. There are several over the counter creams and drugs you can use to clear up a yeast infection, though the best thing to do is prevent it altogether by limiting sugar intake and cleaning up after sex drive and during your period.

Other causes of vaginal itching include: sweat from wearing tight clothing, a rash caused by an allergic reaction to something, and some minor STDs like Chlamydia and herpes. If you are suffering from vaginal itching, it’s important to find out the causes and sort them out so that you don’t have to endure it any longer than you have to.