Is the size of my penis normal ?


Almost every man has ever wondered where they stand with respect to their penis size. We will inform them about certain questions affecting any man concerned about the average length of his penis.
Just like it happens with other body parts, the range of the standard penis size is wide enough. The aspect of the penis is also very variable at various stages of life. An 11-year-old boy is not expected to look the same as a 19-year-old young man.
It is normal for each boy to enter puberty at his own pace. Some may start puberty at the age of 9 years old, whereas others may not start until 15 years old or more. Not all men tread the same path of development; it is very variable and depends on the age a boy enters puberty and the moment his hormones start working.
The development of the penis is only one part of puberty. There are also other important changes like pubic hair growth, testicular growth, muscle development and “growth spurts”. It is similar for boys who start puberty later; the only difference being their full maturity, they reach somewhat after the others.
The penis can have different size, shape and color. Such as eye color or foot size, these features are hereditary, and you will never change them no matter what you do. Unlike what you hear or read in the papers, the development process cannot be accelerated by special drills, supplements, or diets, nor can the size of a man be changed. Furthermore, as it happens with the feet, a man may find his penis smaller because of a difference of perspective. As a matter of fact, this difference of perspective, by changing the way of seeing the penis, makes it look smaller when in erection than at rest.
In addition to size, men ask themselves other questions about the way their penis looks, if the underlying skin or their penis hanging right or left is normal (and it certainly is!). Talk to your doctor if you are worried about the way your penis looks. Boys entering puberty should undergo regular exams of the testicles. This is a good time to ask their doctor any questions they may have.
Hormonal changes result in a great deal of changes and issues for both male and female teenagers.  As a matter of fact, boys and girls have similar concerns; while the former ask themselves about the growth of their penis, the latter wonder about the development of their breasts.