Cleansing After Sex


It’s not… widely discussed, but here, we try to be frank! Ladies, after sex, it’s so very tempting to either A) go to sleep or B) Achem, finish up, achem. However, it’s more important to get out of bed (or wherever) and clean up. This is important because sex isn’t the cleanest activity. The use of a condom is particularly hazardous to the general health of the vagina because of the lubricants and rubber found on them, but even unprotected sex can and will deposit unwholesome bacteria into the vagina. A lack of cleaning routine after sex will increase the chances of yeast or bacterial infections or even a urinary tract infection. All of these things are painful, itchy and can cause foul odor and dryness. So how do you clean up after sex?

Douching: NO.

Douching used to be the traditional way to clean up after sex and it was even believed that douching would prevent pregnancy (it doesn’t). However, douching causes more problems than it helps; it actually deposits gunk in lieu of the bacteria and causes the exact same problems! Leave the douches to the time of the dinosaurs and never look back.

Showering: NO and YES

If you have the time and energy, having a warm shower after sex is a good idea. You can get the sweat off your body and clean out your vaginal area. But only use warm water and a very mild soap; any perfumed soap can cause infections in the vagina over time.

Urinating After Sex: YES

The best and easiest way to clean yourself out after sex drive is to pee. It sounds counterintuitive; after all, many people think of urine as being dirty. However, urinating is the way your body takes toxins and gunk out of your system, including the bacteria in your vagina. Urine is a natural cleanser for your body; it sweeps away the bacteria without leaving any residue behind and it only takes a few minutes. Many doctors and gynaecologists recommend doing your level best to urinate as soon as possible after sex.

Proper cleansing after sex is important and one of the easiest ways to prevent infection. So the next time you’re basking in the afterglow, don’t forget to hit the bathroom before going to bed (or back to your regularly scheduled life). You’ll be glad of it when you find that incidences of infection and odor drop without any effort or cost on your part.