Not Tonight Dear, I Have a Headache


Not Tonight Dear, I Have a Headache

Sexual problem is one of the issues which drives many couples apart.  For many couples, the disparity between sexual libido in partners causes emotional distress, cracks in the relationship and even things like cheating.  While men feel the pinch to their egos, women can feel isolated and irritated at the same time with the pushing to be more sexually active.  In fact, the problem of low libido in women has been lampooned with the infamous ‘Not tonight dear, I have a headache’ excuse, though for real women, the problem is anything but funny.

Lowered libido in women is caused by a variety of things, often all locked together, and can be difficult to untangle.  Emotional problems, problems in the relationship, recent pregnancy, and hormonal issues can all play a part in the need to increase female libido in women in order to enjoy a good sexual relationship again.  Many of the problems related to lowered libido can be solved in the long term with things like counselling, dieting properly, and exercising, but what can be done in the short term to increase sex drive safely?

There are many sexual enhancement products but one of the best ones is Germany sex drops.  Germany sex drops is a natural product that improves female libido by increasing the amount of melatonin in the body.  Melatonin is the sexual hormone that helps improve libido in women and it often drops off due to age, stress, and physical problems.  Melatonin cannot be easily recovered, so it requires the boost that Germany sex drops gives.

Germany sex drops don’t just increase sex drive though, they also help to lubricate the vaginal area-something which many women struggle with and so have uncomfortable sex-and can be easily added to any drink so they are convenient to take.  Unlike other sexual enhancement products, Germany sex drops is harder to abuse because the woman taking them still has full control of her wits and her emotions; this product just helps improve female libido without overriding good sense.

When you take Germany sex drops, you will be able to shed the excuse ‘not tonight dear, I have a headache’; indeed, it may be your partner saying that!   Germany sex drops also helps you to have more lubrication and comfort, no numbing or irritation, and can even help your immune system a bit by giving you a bit of energy, though there won’t be any real measurable change.  The main advantage of Germany sex drops is to help you improve female libido and beat back the myths that you need dangerous products like Spanish Fly in order to enjoy sex.  Give Germany sex drops a try today and enjoy having sex again.