Contraception Pills and Low Libido in Women


Contraception Pills and Low Libido in Women

One of the causes for low libido in women can be traced back to the very thing that gave them sexual freedom: the birth control pill, also known as The Pill.  There are many varieties of the birth control pill out there, but what they all have in common is the ability to largely prevent unwanted pregnancies, thus freeing women from worry and mend from condoms.  However, the  birth control pill can have detrimental effect’s on a woman’s libido.  Why is this and what can be done about it to increase sex drive again?

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The reason why the pill trashes libido mainly lies in the way it works.  Contraception pills work by levelling out hormones, thus retarding the spike that allows the body to be primed for pregnancy.  There may be a stronger injection of estrogen which stamps out the testosterone that is tied to libido and women sometimes end up sore, cranky, and depressed, none of which aids libido.  Some birth control methods also make a woman’s vaginal area more irritated and painful, making sex highly uncomfortable.  All in all, although good at getting rid of any chance of pregnancy, the Pill also gets rid of many chances at love too.

Does all this mean that your girl should go off the pill?  Of course not; birth control is often necessary because it helps a woman deal with her period, it prevents pregnancy, and sometimes it’s necessary for other parts of a woman’s health.  In order to keep it from trashing your sex life, it’s important to keep two things in mind:  First, a woman should talk to her doctor about adjusting her dosage if the pill is wrecking more havoc than good in her body.  Some birth control pills are milder than others, making it less damaging on the body while still doing its job.  Other women may have to switch methods, such as from a pill to the ring or implantation of hormones.  Second, she can use products like Germany sex drops which improves libido and lubrication and comfort of the vaginal area without affecting the strength of her birth control; you get the best of both worlds!

If a woman is struggling with the balance between her female libido and her birth control, it’s important to stop and talk to her doctor about effective management.  The birth control may be too strong for her body if it’s trashing her libido and of course, lack of sex in a relationship can really damage it, so it’s a problem on all fronts.  There is nothing stopping any women from changing her birth control methods and some very compelling reasons to do just that if necessary.  If you find that your female libido has dropped, being able to increase sex drive may be a matter of changing up your birth control methods and talking to your partner about it!  Using Germany sex drops is a great way to manage the gap in the meantime safely and effectively.