Recreational Drugs and the Female Libido


Recreational Drugs and the Female Libido

Obviously the use of recreational drugs such as cocaine, ecstasy and heroine is a big no-no.  Ignoring the legality of these drugs (or rather il-legality), they are a trainwreck for health and wellbeing and this includes female libido.  What do these drugs do to ruin libido and how does getting rid of them increase sex drive?


Cocaine is part of a family of drugs known as Opiates and includes things like seroin and heroine.  Cocaine and all other opiates are complete dumps on the female libido.  Both men and women find that when they are doing cocaine or heroin, the mood to have sex disappears, even though sensations may get stronger.  This is likely because people who have been doing coke are more likely to stare vacantly off into space or can be prone to violence or rambling, none of which are conducive to sex.  Cocaine also dries out the vaginal area and can cause erectile dysfunction in men.  Plus, watching someone inject themselves or inhale white powder up their nose isn’t really sexy.


Also known as ‘speed’ and ‘meth’, amphetamines are known to cause a sudden jump in energy and things like speed talking.  What they are not known for is their ability to increase sex drive.  In fact, you will likely be so busy watching your hands move really fast while chattering at high speed that sex will be the last thing on your mind.  Amphetamines have also been linked to erectile dysfunction in men.


Say what you will about the need to relax while having sex, but this form of relaxation won’t get you too far.  Pot may relax people, but it also has a depressant effect; you don’t really feel like doing much of anything but eating when you’re stoned.  Marijuana also dries out the vaginal area, making sex uncomfortable.


Unlike the other recreational drugs, ecstasy actually may increase sex drive-it’s the after effects that make this drug a bedtime baddy.  While ecstasy may boost female libido in the short term-typically because she will be in such an amazing mood that sex will be wonderful-the after effects of ecstasy include crashing, depression, moodiness and general irritability while the body reshapes itself.  Combined with the lack of sleep and possible achiness of a romp in the sack, ecstasy may not be the way to go when it comes to sex.

Recreational drugs are not the way to go when it comes to trying to increase sex drive.  Instead, you’re better off using products like Germany sex drops which naturally increase sex drive and vaginal lubrication with no nasty side effects.  Say no to drugs!