Arousal in Women


In the top 5 questions many men ask about women, you will likely find something to do with sex and generally in the ball park of: why aren’t I getting enough sex/why isn’t my girlfriend/wife/lover interested in sex? Well, to be honest gentlemen, there is a good chance that it isn’t all about you! But don’t breathe that sigh of relief just yet; there are some important things to know about arousal in women and how to help her get back in the sack with a smile.

Emotions and Arousal

What many men don’t realize is that the emotional state of a woman is pretty important for her arousal. Women who are relaxed, in the mood, cheerful, and energetic are far more likely to get aroused and stay there than a woman who is depressed, exhausted, angry, or frustrated. Unfortunately, many women don’t even know why they feel the way they feel since hormones play a strong role in emotional wellbeing. However, doing things to cheer your girl up, relax her and take her mind off things is a good road towards successful time between the sheets.

Think of it this way too: both men and women are impacted by their emotions and negative emotions make it very hard to get aroused and have sex. This is why it’s important to clear the air of any fights, grudges and disagreements before trying to engage in sex or things will fall apart (and down… as the case may be).

Vaginal Health

Whether its dryness, itching, burning or an infection, any problem with the vagina will make it very hard for a woman to enjoy sex and get aroused. Fortunately, there are many things you can take to help get rid of these problems, including Germany Sex Drops which are sold right on this site. Vaginal health is often ignored because it’s embarrassing, but it’s very important to take into consideration with your overall health. Until you recover though, it’s important to either use a condom or avoid sex altogether because the problem may spread to your partner and no one wants that!

Low Libido

Some women simply have a lower libido and may take longer to get going once they start. In this case, it’s mostly patience which is required. Take advantage of it by slowly savouring the foreplay and sex instead of racing through it at top speed! Clitoral stimulation is best for women because of the heightened sensations, so taking time out there can really help women get aroused even when they have low libido.


Face it: no one wants to have sex when they are coughing, sneezing, sniffling and throwing up. In this case, pampering, coddling and taking care of your woman will pay off when she’s feeling better!

Arousal in women is a little more complex than in men, despite portrayals in the media today of the sex crazed woman. It’s important to understand when and why women have trouble getting aroused so you can help her get back to it so that your sex life can be strong and vibrant again.