The Dangers of Spanish Fly


Why Should You Stay Away From Spanish Fly

Female sexual enhancement products have historically been harder to find than male sexual enhancement products.  This has left many women to fake their pleasure or feel as though they don’t deserve to have any help with their sexual adventures.  When a woman did seek out a sexual enhancement product, she was left with very few options.  The most popular one for women and men was Spanish Fly.

Spanish Fly, the real stuff, is a powdered beetle than when ingested, increases sensitivity in the urethra in men and the clitoral and vaginal area in women.  This is because the powdered beetle irritates these delicate areas, acting as a toxin.  However, the real Spanish Fly has been largely outlawed, leaving behind things that are called Spanish Fly but in reality are nothing more than herbs such as cayenne.  The dangers of Spanish Fly should be apparent: the real stuff causes infections, irritation, pain, and itching while the fake stuff doesn’t even work and who knows what’s in the mix!

Fortunately, increased attention to the importance of a healthy way to increase libido and orgasms has resulted in safer products.  The best all natural female enhancement product on the market is Germany Sex Drops.  Germany sex drops work using melatonin; a hormone found naturally in women which controls libido and menstrual activity.  This hormone decreases with age and can also be depleted by things like stress and poor diets which results in less libido and lowered sexual activity.  Germany sex drops increase blood flow, improving sensitivity and also boosting levels of this hormone which helps in overall health.

When you compare this to Spanish Fly which at best does nothing and at worst, is detrimental to your health, you can plainly see the dangers of Spanish Fly and understand why it has become largely obsolete.  Spanish Fly is not a true sexual enhancement; it works by doing something bad to your body and is too easy to abuse.  Germany Sex Drops on the other hand actually helps your body while improving libido and doesn’t use any powdered beetle to do it!

It’s plain to see that changes in female sexual enhancement products have come a long way from being forced to use the dangerous Spanish Fly to being able to have options like Germany Sex Drops which let you enjoy sex without damaging your health.  With this in mind, why would you ever want to use Spanish Fly and risk your happiness and well being?

Germany sex drops will help you to improve your sex life naturally, safely and easily.  You never have to even thing about Spanish Fly again, so don’t be taken in by any advertisements trying to make you by into the lie; Spanish Fly is Dangerous.  Use Germany sex drops instead for safer and more powerful sex.