False Spanish Fly


False Spanish Fly Will Hurt You

Spanish Fly carries one of the most illustrious reputations in the area of sexual enhancement products.  It has been endowed with the ability to instantly increase arousal in women and create harder and more long lasting erections in men.  Kings have used it in the past to seduce women while others have used it as a drug to make themselves irresistible.  Even now, with so few people using Spanish Fly anymore, it still carries that same weight and that is what makes it irresistible to immoral online merchants looking to take advantage of those desperate to fix their sexual problems.

Real Spanish fly is ground up beetle which acts as an irritant in the sensitive areas of both men and women.  It is swallowed as a tablet or powder and causes irritation in the urethra in men and the vaginal area in women; this is believed to increase sensitivity and thus libido.  It is also used to induce animals to mate.  However, real Spanish fly is banned for human consumption in many parts of the world because of the high risk of infection and other problems.

So what are you getting when you order Spanish fly?  Chances are good that you are not getting the ground up powder of a beetle, that’s for certain!  Things like ‘Mexican Spanish fly’ are not flies or beetles at all, but instead, a blend of herbs and spices.  Cayenne is a popular spice in these products as are things like ginseng.

What’s the problem?  Well, quite apart from the false advertising, these products won’t work!  Cayenne doesn’t do anything for you sexually and ginseng, while useful as an herbal supplement for your health, isn’t exactly geared towards making your sex life more exciting.  Instead, you’re paying what is likely a wad a cash for a name tied to a product that will, at best, give your immune system and energy a slight push and at worse will be nothing more than an elaborate placebo.  The other problem is that these products are rarely put through any sort of screening process, meaning that you don’t really know what you’re getting other than a bunch of herbs.  This means that you could be putting something really dangerous in your body or at the very least, something unhealthy.  None of this is helping your sex life in the least and you’ve lost some money and wasted your time in the process.

Instead of wasting all of your effort and money on a product that is only riding on the reputation of something that is dangerous anyway, use something that is really natural and effective-Germany sex drops for women and gambir sarawak for men.  These products are real sexual enhancement products made with only pure ingredients that will increase your libido without damaging your health or your wallet.

Spanish fly is not the product you want for a safe and enjoyable sex life, so ignore all of those ads for Spanish fly or their knock-offs.  Go for something that is effective, economic, easy to use and environmentally friendly instead.  Every part of your life will thank you for it-especially your partner!