Testosterone and Female Libido


Testosterone is often thought of as being a predominately male hormone; it is what is responsible for libido, protectiveness and testosterone fuelled anger, arguments and sports addictions, among other things. But testosterone is not a single sex hormone; women have it too and it plays a huge role in libido in women too. Women only have small amounts of testosterone, but this small amount plays a huge role in whether or not you feel like having sex.

Testosterone is a complex hormone which is primarily responsible for much of male appearance and some behaviour. However, it also plays a role in women. Some studies have found that the testosterone in saliva from kissing is part of the reason why the woman gets aroused. Testosterone levels rise and lower at different points of life such as puberty, parenthood and during sex.

Testosterone therapy has been worked on for women with low libido for over forty years with mixed results. Some researchers claim that it works very well with others being more concerned about the side effects. Overall, testosterone therapy seems to work well to improve female libido, but at what cost?

Side effects of testosterone therapy include:

  • Hairiness
  • Deepening voice
  • Clitoral swelling
  • Acne
  • Mood swings
  • Sometimes liver damage

It’s important to not rely on testosterone alone to help you build up your libido, particularly if your are premenopausal because the impact of the therapy on things like a fetus is not well understood.

Even after over forty years, the full impact of testosterone therapy is not completely understood and many doctors and researchers shy away from it as a result. While it is effective in increasing libido, other impacts on the body aren’t so well known. Generally speaking, you should only embark on testosterone therapy if you are postmenopausal, in good health and only for a short period of time while you work out what else you could do in order to increase your libido safely.

Testosterone therapy comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes, including creams, gels and patches. The main thing is that they are usually very convenient to use, reasonably affordable, and effective at increasing libido. You can choose whichever you feel most comfortable using.

If you are interested in increasing libido naturally, you can also opt for Germany Sex Drops, an all natural method of increasing female sex drive without the use of hormone therapy. However, if you want to do hormone therapy, testosterone therapy is by far the most effective means of increasing libido and also increasing confidence and feelings of strength. If this sounds beneficial to you and you’ve been struggling with low libido, then try testosterone therapy for yourself.