Post Baby Coolness and Increasing Libido


Post Baby Coolness and Increasing Libido

Post baby coolness is a normal part of the post-pregnancy process for many women.  It is characterized by a drop in libido, usually as a result of exhaustion, pain, stress, injuries that need healing, post-partum blues or depression, and other things that come with the post pregnancy time.  Many women go off sex altogether, completely collapsing their libido.  Post baby coolness can last months and even a couple of years and it has a real dampening effect on a couple because without sex as a bond on top of the many other stressors of a new family, the couple is more prone to fighting, stress, and even falling apart.  But aside from that, post baby coolness is frustrating because many women want to enjoy a sex life again, but just don’t feel up to it.

The problem of course is that many of the things which people normally take to increase libido-pills, powders, etc-are damaging, not so much to your health, but possibly to the health of your infant if you are breast feeding.  Furthermore, many women do not have the time or the schedule to keep up with a regiment of medications.  For this reason, women who want to improve libido and increase sex drive will find that Germany Sex Drops are the best way to handle post baby coolness and get back on sexual track.

Post baby coolness is a normal part of the process, but it can be immensely frustrating.  Although most women are ready for sex about six to eight weeks after delivery (the length of time varies depending on whether you had surgery or stiches and how rough delivery was), most women are not ready so soon; in fact, readiness doesn’t generally start until after the baby is weaned off breast milk, largely because of exhaustion for the mother!  Sexual aids can help though; Germany sex drops is a good one to use because it is effective in the short term and works with your body without damaging anything else.  Kegels are also a good tool to tighten a loose vagina after delivery.  Most of all though, remember, that the post baby coolness is a temporary period of time and that you can get back in the saddle (so to speak) in time.

Remember too that there are other ways you can enjoy an intimate relationship without sex if you’re not ready.  It can take some creativity, but that too can be part of the fun!

If you’re struggling with post baby coolness or any lack of libido that is putting strain on your relationship, try Germany sex drops for yourself.  This product increases libido naturally and works quickly so that you can have spontaneous sex and get back in the saddle faster!  Enjoy sex and your partner again with the help of Germany Sex Drops.