Obesity and the hots in Women


Obesity and Sex Drive in Women

While being underweight and anorexic is bad for sex drive, the other end of the spectrum can be equally bad and for the same reasons.  Obesity leads to difficulties in increasing sex drive because the body is deficient in nutrients and energy and obese women are often uncomfortable with their body.  Obesity has other challenges for trying to increase female libido too; it may simply be more difficult to have sex and obese women have a hard time getting pregnant or even enjoying sex.  With obesity rates on the rise, what are the sexual reasons for fighting back the tide and becoming healthy?

Increased Energy Means Improved Libido

If you want to increase sex drive, you need to increase your energy levels and that means getting healthy.  Obese women have far less energy than their fitter counterparts and have a diet which only encourages lethargy.  Fast food does not equal fast energy; in fact, many people feel less energetic after eating than they did before eating.  If you want to increases sex drive, start by changing your diet to more sexually friendly foods-leafy greens, lean protein, and long burning carbs.  Foods like spinach, turkey, whole grain rice and fish may take longer to prepare, but you will be paid back in spades and life in the bedroom will get a lot more interesting!

obesity and sex

Exercise for Increased Sex Drive

Exercise is often thought of as a way for obese women to become fit again and it is.  But exercise serves another purpose.  The sense of accomplishment, combined with the release of feel good hormones, and of course seeing results will bolster confidence, energy, and happiness so that your libido rises as well.   And for a double whammy, exercise with your partner.  Exercising with your partner has been shown to improve bonding and emotional attachments.  In short, couples who exercise together do… other things together.  Finally, there are several exercises which can be geared specifically towards improving sex, such as stretching, cardio for stamina and things like Kegels which can tighten your vagina and give you more control.

Self Esteem and Improved Sex Drive

Finally, when you start feeling better about yourself, you will see an increased sex drive and better libido.  Self esteem for women is usually tied strongly to sex and the more confident you are, the more sexual you will generally feel.  Obese women generally have a lower self esteem; if nothing else, the media hammering home images of skinny fit women only make the problem worse.  You don’t have to be incredibly skinny of course (in fact, this will lead to more problems), but getting fitter will go a long way towards improving your self image and thus increasing libido!

When people think of obesity, they generally put it in the category of being bad for your health or simply being disgusting.  However, obesity causes problems for all facets of life, including sexual life.  By tackling obesity and your health, you will feel better, look better, and have a vastly improved libido!  It’s worth the effort on so many fronts, so work hard and while you do that, try using Germany Sex Drops to drastically improve libido and sex drive.  After all, no work and no play… well, you know.