Do You Have Low Sex Drive?


First of all, what is low sex drive?! The answer in its simplest form it the lack of interest or desire for a woman to have sex. Actually low sex drive is a form of female sexual dysfunction.

Low sex drive may be associated with underlying sexual problems like decreased vaginal lubrication, dysparunia “pain during intercourse”, anorgasmia “disability to achieve orgasm or any other reason which can be annoying to women and therefore reduce their interest in sex. Causes of low sex drive itself range from psychological factors like stresses, depression or unsolved issues between both partners to physical factors like hormonal imbalance, severe anemia or diabetes.

Although the reason of developing low sex drive in women is not 100% known, it is not difficult to overcome. It is a common problem and about 40% percent of women suffer from low sex drive at certain stages of their life.  The management of low sex drive should be started by comprehensive examination to reveal the causes and treat them with careful follow up.

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