Are We Conditioning Women Towards a Low Sex Drive?


Are We Conditioning Women Towards a Low Sex Drive?

Most women struggle with a low libido or low sex drive at some point in their lives.  Whether it’s due to stresses at work or in life, the arrival of a new baby, problems in the relationship, or poor health, low libido is a common and yet surprisingly unspoken problem.  Instead, it is often blamed on the proverbial headache and left alone.  However, for any woman (and her partner!) going through this, it’s a real problem and one that should be explored.  Health and emotional concerns aside, there is a question of how much women are socially conditioned towards a low libido.  Are we still stuck in the mentality that women shouldn’t be sexual creatures (even when they are plastered half naked across our media)?  Where does this tendency for low libido come from outside of the hormonal and psychological problems?


We may live in a free society, but when it comes to sex, masturbation, and empowerment, there is still a lot of hushing up.  Younger girls are exposed to sexually explicit content and this results in an explosion of outwards appearing sexual creatures, but the emotions and mental conditioning has yet to catch up, leading to confusion.  The confusion is further cemented when a girl cannot go to parents who are too squeamish to talk about it or a school that only talks about the biology of the whole thing; so she turns to the internet where more sexual content lies, and to her friends who have no clue either.  The stew of confusion leads in a few directions-she grows up very sexual and claims to have a high libido, when in truth, she is still confused and just following the crowd, which leads to a downturn in libido later; or she grows up very repressed and unable to let her libido out.  Either way, it spells bad news for a healthy libido (or relationships) later in life.  Consider: a ten year old girl might be wearing mini skirts and a tube top, but she has no idea where her G-spot is or why sex is give and take to be satisfying and unless she has the good fortune of having someone to ask, she may never know and will spend years feeling that the half ways are good enough and thus will never reach her full libido potential.  This dissatisfaction then turns to a low libido.

Woman and Work

Although the job situation has improved greatly for women, it has also brought some new stresses.  Women are still fighting to break into several job markets and get the respect they deserve and this translates to exhaustion which translates to a lowered libido (and lowered self confidence to boot.)This is not to say that woman should leave the workforce; far from it, but rather the understanding that just as men get exhausted from work and have their sex life suffer, so do women.  Furthermore, women need to be given a more fair shake when it comes to work and be able to make the same money as their male counterparts for the same amount of work.  This in turn will at least alleviate a lot of the frustration that women feel in the workplace which will help relieve tension overall.

Woman and the Media

Despite the splash of women wearing next to nothing all over the media, there is still an undercurrent of women and lowered sexual urges.  This manifests itself in things like claims that women with multiple partners are ‘sluts’ are ‘bad’ and the pervasive use of the headache excuse by the women for sex (or something along the same lines).  This contradiction between the need to look sexy, but not be sexy causes confusion and many women to either go all out in sexual contact, or go nowhere at all.  Both of these end in a lowered libido for many women.

There are many pressures on women that make it hard for them to maintain a healthy level of libido and some of these pressures come straight from society.  Dealing with these pressures will mean an adjustment in how a society looks at a woman and in treating them like sexual beings with needs and respect.  However, until that happens, it’s a good idea to get some help, such as the Germany Sex Drops or creams and herbal pills which can help to increase your libido  or sex drive in the short term and improve confidence in the long term. A friendly reminder, stay away from Spanish Fly as it is harmful!