Low Sex Drives Suffered By Women


Low sex drives in women is when a woman lacks the interest for sexual relations with her partner.  It is very much common to experience a decline in sex at particular points within a relationship however, if this lack of desire for sex persists, there is an obvious problem.

There are many reasons which could lead to a woman’s lost of sex desire but sometimes, the reasons are not obvious.  Physical conditions as well as psychological reasoning’s can cause a woman to have no interest in sex.  Many women are able to recognize when the pattern of their normal sex drive changes and this is when women should speak to a medical professional in trying to get to the root of the problem.

Signs of an obvious problem with a woman’s sex drive:

If you have decreased sexual thoughts this could be either a sign that you are very busy or your sex drive is declining which is very much typical when someone is stressed out either at work or home.  If you no longer have a desire to have sex or you are reluctant to initiate sex with your partner, there is an obvious problem.  Have you stopped masturbating?  If you have gone days without sex and you typically want to have sex on a daily basis, this can be a true sign there is an issue with your sex drive.

Many factors can cause low sex drives in women.  As stated previously in this article both physical and psychological reasons can be the underlying factors associated with that.  Medical professionals should be able to identify what particular factors have triggered this obvious condition.

Menopause can be one of the determining factors.  As women age, it might take longer for the woman to become sexually aroused with of course experiencing less intensity as compared to the earlier years of the woman in question.  During menopause, the ovaries will stop producing estrogen which can lead to dryness of the vagina which can in return make sexual intercourse painful.  The lack of estrogen thins the vagina walls which lead to soreness after and during sex.

If you are, experiencing discomfort or dryness during sex, hormone replacement therapy could work for you.  This is where estrogen is replaced in your body with hormones or vaginal lubricants which can be purchased over the counter in most pharmacies.

If a woman is pregnant, the pregnancy can affect her entire body.  The pregnancy leads to hormonal changes which can affect the woman emotionally as well as physically.  The desire for sex may wane but the good news is that this can pass and more than likely the sex drive of the pregnant female will increase as the pregnancy progresses.

Some women experience pain during intercourse.  Who wants to have sex if it hurts?  This is a common occurrence with many women who experience low sex drives.  Women who experience pain during intercourse will experiencing tensing and some women do not even want to deal with the pain therefore they avoid sex altogether.

Illness can be the reasoning for low sex drives in women.  If women are continually sick, this will definitely decrease their interest in sex.  If you are sick, it’s always best to avoid sex until you are feeling better.  Any disease of the pituitary gland will decrease the sex drive of women due to the position of where the pituitary gland is located which is near the brain.  This location of the brain produces many important hormones and when this is affected, a woman will experience a lower sex drive as compared to normal.

Addison disease and Cushing’s syndrome can great affect the sex drive of women as well due to effect that Addison has on the kidney’s and the effect which Cushing’s has due to high levels of cortisol in a woman’s body.

In various cases, the diseases are not the actual cause of the low sex drive it’s the medications utilized to treat the diseases which cause the low sex drive in women.  Women who have or are on high blood pressure medications or diuretics will agree with this obvious fact.

The best way to arm you with increasing your low sex drive is to first speak to a medical professional.  Or you can try out some herbal or natural remedies.

Having a low sex drive can create a dramatic impact on you and your significant other.  If you are experiencing a low sex drive, do not worry for there are natural ways of dealing with low sex drives in association with sexual dysfunctions in women – Germany Sex Drops.