Why Germany Sex Drops are Safer than Spanish Fly


Germany sex drops are often compared to Spanish Fly in terms of being a female sex enhancement product, but in truth, there is no comparison between the two. This is because Germany sex drops are not only more effective than Spanish Fly, but is also far safer to use.

Spanish Fly is one of the most famous and well known female sex enhancement products; it’s also one of the most controversial and indeed is illegal in many countries. This doesn’t stop many companies from attempting to slip it in anyway, so it’s something to watch out for in any ‘natural’ female sex enhancement product. Spanish Fly is just that; it’s the dried and powdered bodies of a breed of beetle that is native to southern Europe and in a band stretching from south Europe to Central Asia and Siberia. The Spanish Fly is used as an aphrodisiac mostly in animals to induce them to mate; however, it has also been used in humans. It works by irritating the genitals and inducing a longer erection in men and more sensitivity in women. However, the amount needed is miniscule and much more is damaging to health. Spanish Fly is harmful to the kidneys and liver and causes painful urination and bloody discharge as well. Although it enjoys a long history of use, it also enjoys a bloody one as it has aided in the failing of health for many users. Today, it is quite illegal except where used as a topical treatment for warts and in animal husbandry. It also enjoys a bit of use in Germany, though it is heavily diluted. Most sexual enhancement products claiming to be Spanish Fly are nothing more than a combination of herbs now.

Germany sex drops on the other hand, use a type of hormone found in women to induce sexual feelings and increased lubrication. This hormone is naturally found in women, but over time and through lowered health and increased age, it decreases, taking libido with it. Germany sex drops top up the loss of this hormone and also helps to improve the immune system a bit so that the libido stays high. It is not damaging and mostly passes through your system once it’s done its work, leaving nothing damaging behind. Germany sex drops are the real deal, unlike most Spanish Fly sold now which is just a placebo. Germany sex drops are also more affordable and obviously more effective.

There really is no comparison between Spanish Fly and Germany sex drops; one of them is toxic, dangerous, and most of the time isn’t the real deal anyway and the other one aids in your sexual health and is safe to use. If you are in need of a female sexual enhancement product, it’s time to turn to Germany sex drops. You’ll see the difference in your sexual prowess and be able to combine that with an improved health plan and increased confidence to a powerful new you. Spanish Fly cannot give you any such chances.