The Prevailing Myth of Spanish Fly


The Prevailing Myth of Spanish Fly

Type ‘Spanish Fly‘ into the search engine and after the Wiki entry about the beetle, you will start seeing Spanish Fly in conjunction with ways to increase sex drive and improve female libido.  Spanish Fly is one of the most prevailing ‘medicines’ to improve sex drive in women; it’s had documented use for centuries and has been tied to famous names such as the Marquis de Sade.  It’s no wonder that despite considerable pushes, it’s still held on at least in the black market, as the best sexual aid around for women.  With so many herbal medicines claiming the same thing as Spanish Fly, why is this particular one so dangerous?

Spanish fly is made from the crushed up beetle called Spanish Fly and generally mixed with other things (who really knows what? which is only the first problem with this product). It works by inflaming the urethra of a women, thus supposedly improving sensitivity and making women more likely to orgasm.  The use of Spanish Fly in humans is now illegal due to the ease at which it can be abused and the health dangers it represents, though the product is still used to induce bulls to mate by some farmers and ranchers.

Spanish Fly is dangerous for a number of reasons.  First of all, the powdered bug you’re ingesting is toxic; the sensitivity that is supposed to increase sensation is the result of a poison in the insect.  The product generally causes irritation reminiscent of a urinary tract infection, but for some people, it can be even more dangerous, particularly those with sensitive skin.  Spanish Fly can also be abused; it dissolves readily in water and is tasteless, making it a good way to poison and irritate someone, ignoring the sexual aspect of it.

However, the problem gets even worse.  The real Spanish Fly has been banned in many parts of the world, due to health concerns, leaving a vacuum for products to step into the illustrious name.  Many so-called Spanish fly products now are false; they tend to be made up of herbs and spices, primarily Cayenne pepper.  While this makes the products relatively harmless, it also makes it completely useless.  False Spanish Fly can be dangerous though if you don’t know what mixture of herbs is in the product and since the manufacturer has already lied with the name, chances are they’ve lied with what’s in it too!

All in all, Spanish Fly is worth neither your health, nor your money.  If you’re looking for a way to improve female libido and increase sex drive, Germany Sex Drops are the way to go.  This all natural product works with your body by improving the hormone balance all women have in order to promote sexual feelings.  Germany sex drops also lubricate the vaginal area, making it much easier to be in the mood with no itching, burning, or painful sensations.  Ditch the Fly and enjoy using Germany sex drops instead. Spanish Fly is dangerous, useless, and generally overpriced, as well as being illegal, so look towards Germany Sex Drops as your source for improving libido.