Men are concerned about the size of their penis

Very often, in our society, men’s penis is considered the ultimate symbol of maleness; a large penis is assumed to be synonymous with masculinity. It is then not that amazing that back in the times when scientific research about the topic was not as complete as it is now; penis size and maleness were closely related to each other. But how strange it is to observe nowadays nothing has changed about such a false statement, despite our advanced level of knowledge. It is probably because of the persistence of misinformation and too many taboos surrounding sex.
Is the size of the penis very important? has been one of the oldest questions for ages. Some British researchers who have studied the issue can provide valuable information on this topic.
A survey conducted by researchers has shown that 63 percent of men complained about the small size of their penis – even though none of them had a size smaller than normal, whereas in the meantime, 85 percent of women stated to be fully satisfied with their partner’s penis size.
It is then obvious that men tend to over think the dimension of their penis whereas women don’t consider it a significant issue.
Ian Kerner, the sexologist that wrote “She Comes First” stated that women complaining of a small penis are generally the ones that don’t have orgasms. A woman having orgasms doesn’t care about her partner’s dimension.
Kerner’s recommends that men having a real small penis press when in the missionary position rather than push, or get the woman in the riding position so that movements can enhance the stimulation of the clitoris.
Based on the British survey, a thick penis is what women prefer. The reason why they do is because it can better stimulate the lips and the walls of the vagina since the greatest part of nerve endings are located in the lower half of the vagina; therefore, a thicker penis procures a more intense and pleasant experience when pressing.
Men with thinner penises can, however, give lots of pleasure to a woman when experimenting with the positions described by Kerner.

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